Cheese Pizza Snack Cone – 6 Pack

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PORTABLE PIZZA: Pizza lovers rejoice! Avoid sloppy pizza slices — our pizza cones make it easy to take pizza to the beach, stadium or racetrack.

GOURMET ON-THE-GO: Don’t sacrifice quality for portability — with Chank’s Grab-N-Go, you can have both! We always use handcrafted dough and the freshest ingredients to ensure a delicious taste.

GREAT FOR GAMES: These savory pizza cones are perfect for sporting events, whether you’re looking for a no-mess snack at pregame cookouts or you’re looking for handheld meals during the game.

FULL OF FLAVOR: At Chank’s Grab-N-Go, we’re dedicated to changing the snacking game. With its stuffed center, convenient shape, and crispy crust, our Pizza Cone will reinvent the way you eat pizza.

6-PACK: Feed your whole crew with this pack of pizza cones. These delicious treats come in a pack of 6, so you’re sure to have enough the next time you and your friends hit the ballpark or stadium.

SERVING SIZE: 2.8 oz per cone

NOTES: Cones will arrive partially thawed | Cooking tray sold separate