Philly Cheesesteak “Whiz Wit” (Food Service Pack)




Food Service Packs are for Re-Sale. This one includes:

  • 42 individual Philly Cheesesteak “Whiz Wit” Snack Cones
  • 42 Individual Serving Sleeves
  • Cones are 2.8oz each


Cheesesteak lovers rejoice! Our Cheesesteak Cones are the real deal! With an authentic Philly taste, you’ll be thinking you just picked up a fresh one from down the block in South Philly! Being that we’re located 30 miles outside of Philadelphia, we grew up eating authentic Philly Cheesesteaks from the best like Pat’s, Gino’s, Jim’s, and more. It was a no-brainer when we decided to do a Cheesesteak Cone. We worked hard on this one and made sure that we did it right. With thin sliced juicy beef, cheese wiz, & fried onions you’ll eat these up! If you’ve never had a real authentic Philly cheesesteak, “Wiz Wit” is where it all started. That means cheese wiz with onions. If you said this any other way when ordering a cheesesteak in Philly you’ll never hear the end of it!


We don’t sacrifice quality for portability. We always use handcrafted dough and the freshest ingredients to ensure a delicious taste. We’re dedicated to changing the snacking game. No spilling and no messes. With its stuffed center, convenient shape, and crispy crust, our cones are packed perfectly and make the perfect snack that everyone loves and can be easily served! 

  • Cones will arrive partially thawed
  • Cooking tray sold separately