Bacon, Egg & 3 Cheese (Food Service Pack)




Food Service Packs are for Re-Sale. This one includes:

  • 42 Individual Bacon, Egg & 3 Cheese Snack Cones
  • 42 Individual Serving Sleeves
  • Cones are 2.8oz each


Another staple of Philadelphia, New Jersey, & New York is its breakfast sandwiches. Being that we’re located 30 miles outside of Philadelphia, we grew up eating breakfast sandwiches from the local deli down the block. Almost anywhere you go in these areas, you can get a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich. We decided this would be a perfect pair with our cones. We even spiced it up and added our signature 3 Cheese Blend! The 3 Cheese blend adds a punch of flavor and gives it a unique taste like no other! With fresh scrambled eggs and diced-up bacon, all tossed together with our 3 Cheese Blend, you’ll sure be drooling over these!  These are not only perfect for breakfast but an all-around perfect snack and perfect late-night meal!  


We don’t sacrifice quality for portability. We always use handcrafted dough and the freshest ingredients to ensure a delicious taste. We’re dedicated to changing the snacking game. No spilling and no messes. With its stuffed center, convenient shape, and crispy crust, our cones are packed perfectly and make the perfect snack that everyone loves and can be easily served! 

  • Cones will arrive partially thawed
  • Includes 4 individual cooking sleeves
  • Cooking tray can also be used but sold separately
  • Each cone is 2.8oz