Cheese Pizza Snack Cones – 12 CT (Two 6-Packs)


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Pizza lovers rejoice! Avoid sloppy pizza slices — No more sauce spilling down your shirt and your kids spilling grease all over the floor. With its stuffed center, convenient shape, and crispy crust, our pizza cones are packed perfectly and make the perfect snack that everyone loves and can be easily served!


At Chank’s Grab-N-Go, we’re dedicated to changing the snacking game. Don’t sacrifice quality for portability — with Chank’s Grab-N-Go, you can have both! We always use handcrafted dough and the freshest ingredients to ensure a delicious taste.

(2) 6-PACKS:

These delicious treats come in a pack of 6. You get 2 of them which is 12 cones total! It’s the perfect snack for when friends and family are over. Be the cool Mom of the neighborhood — a couple packs of cones can easily feed your kids and all their friends!

  • Cones will arrive partially thawed
  • Includes 12 individual cooking sleeves & instructions card
  • Cones arrive vacuum sealed & not in a box
  • Cooking tray can also be used but sold separately
  • Each cone is 2.8oz